Program at a glance

Theme: Practical implementation of the 3R and culture of care

Wednesday and Thursday, the plan is to have parallel scientific sessions. Tuesday and Friday plenary only. The overview programme will develop as the details will be clearer. A detailed programme will be created after all abstracts are accepted.


TimeTuesday 25 AprilWednesday 26 AprilThursday 27 AprilFriday 28 April
09:00CPD WorkshopScientific lecturesScientific lecturesScientific lectures
10:30CPD WorkshopCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
12:00CPD WorkshopScientific lecturesScientific lecturesScientific lectures
12:30LunchLunchLunchLunch and closing of the conference
13:30Opening of the conferenceScientific lecturesScientific lecturesEnd of programme
Scientific lecturesScientific lectures
15:00Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
15:30Scientific lecturesScientific lecturesScientific lectures
17:00Scientific lecturesScientific lecturesScientific lectures
19:00Get-togetherExhibitors eveningConference dinner

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Key dates

  • 31 January, 2023 - Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • 24 February, 2023 - Notification of abstracts
  • 28 February, 2023 - Deadline registration to early bird fee
  • 30 March, 2023 - Deadline submission of extended papers